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March 7, 2021



      “I AM with you.  Happy day!  I AM with you.  Let us go to the garden.  Let us walk, and talk, and pray.  It is The Way it was meant to be, that you would walk in this beautiful garden, and enjoy this piece of eternity, that you have, to spend upon the Earth.  Come, let us walk in the garden, together.                                                              


      “Whenever you walk in a garden, it is a feast for your eyes, and your soul, for as you look around, at all the beauty, it seems more valuable than gold, and it is.  A garden brings peace.  A garden will rejuvenate, heal, and many times feed, not only your eyes, and the fragrance, your nose, but also treat your stomach.  And all these things go together, to go into your body.  The garden, the place of peace.

      “If you walk through the garden, you will notice, that each flower is its own beauty.  And they can be exactly the same type of flower, let us say a daisy.  But there is something, unique about each daisy.  And, unless it is raining, and causing them to lower their heads, they are standing, straight, in the light, pleased to be a daisy.  And as you move through the garden, to the place where vegetables are, you see these succulent tomatoes, and ripe eggplant.  You see bushes and vines, with beans.  And, if you are intent, on acknowledging each one, you will see that each one is unique, and happy to be so.

      “I could go on and on, with many examples, but I do not believe it is necessary, because you know exactly, of which I speak.  You have the opportunity, right now, to be unique, to stand in the light of the sun, to be in the garden, amongst many peoples, and each one hold its own unique position, making all as strong as one, and one as strong as all

      “Do not set aside your gifts and talents, because you believe another outshines you, is much better, more talented, more gifted, because, if you do not stand, and present your unique gifts and talents, then all is minus youAll, The One, is not complete without you.

      “Acknowledge, and celebrate, the talents and gifts of all those individuals around you.  But, at the same time, acknowledge, and celebrate, your gifts and your talents, and use them.  The Symphony of The One is meant to be beautiful.  And you are part of that beautiful Symphony of The One.  Take your place, stand tall, and let the light, of the sun, shine on your face, because your brilliance is just as beautiful as any other piece of The One.