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March 8, 2019


God SpeaksYou
very indivi-
dual, and
every sit-
uation, as you come to
each;  and,  as you approach
each individual, or the situation, you
do so, with that, which you carry within you,
the experiences of your lifetime.  How you meet each
individual, or experience each situation, depends on that which
you hold within you!  When you reach the place where you are prepared
to embrace forgiveness: for all things, for all peo
ples, for all situations, for all insti-
tutions, for yourself, then you are prepared for the gift of release.  Forgiveness brings
to you the keys to freedom, and you begin to live life anew!  And The Holy Spirit
says: The human experience is often limited, by all of the baggage carried
within.  The human experience is often less than joyful, because of
all  the  baggage  carried  within.  The human body is often
stressed,  to  the  point  of  illness,  because of  all the
baggage  carried  within.   But there will
a day, when you decide, it is time to set
the baggage aside, and embrace
the light of God, through
the practice of for-
you move
over  the  Earth,
under  the  sun,  under
the moon, under the sacred stars
in the sky, as a child of God, released from
woe, singing a song of glory, wherever you go!