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March 8, 2020



      Do not relegate the piece of Heaven you carry within you to a corner of your inner being.  Be mindful not to pile-up debris, and ashes, anger, hatred in front of this piece of Heaven you carry within you.  Guard well the precious Kingdom you carry within you, and keep it clean, and free of debris, so the counsel you receive from within is of Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are so many distractions, all around you, pushing, waving, jumping to attract your attention so that these distractions of the world keep you occupied, keep you from paying attention to The Sacred Realm you carry within you.  Guard it well, for it is precious, and it is in this way that you, each of you, will bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth.  It is a doorway for you to open and allow Heaven to flow onto the Earth through you, through all that you think, and say, and do.