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March 8, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you.  Some of you read these words.  Some of you speak these words.  Some of you believe these words.  I AM with you.  You have access to Me.  I AM with you.  The Holy Spirit of God has been poured-out upon each of you.  God is with you.  The Spirit of God is with you.  You are of The Spirit of God.  You come from God.  God created you.  Just knowing these words, these words alone: should be your shield of bravery, courage, strength; should be your shield of laughter, and dance, and singing.  It should be a crown upon your head.  It should be the entrance to a life of joy and adventure upon the Earth, with no fear, no doubt, no worry or concern.  For, if you believe God is with you, and if you believe The Holy Spirit of God is within you, and if you believe I AM with you, as well, how can you fear, how can you be worried?  Let us begin this day together.  I reach-out to you, and say, ‘Come, I AM with you.  Believe.’                                                                                  


      “It is true The Kingdom of God is within you.  A piece of The Kingdom of God is within you.  Do not diminish that which is within you, piling upon it debris.  You must guard this Kingdom within you, and do so mindfully, knowing what you are doing, because knowing what you are doing shows that you know the gift you carry.

      “It can be tricky, maintaining this precious gift, but there are signs to know when you are under attack.  If you have been tempted to anger, and you realize there is conversation within your head, within your thoughts, convincing yourself that you have every right to be angry for this, or that, or the other, or that you have every right to withhold your love from this person, or that person, there is a battle within that conversation, that inner communication.  You are being tempted, you are being swayed, to go to the ways of darkness.  And, while The Kingdom of God is within you, it is pushed all the way back to a corner, and the residue, flowing from this type of conversation, builds a wall.  And while you know, you have no right to be angry, while you know, you should not hold your love from any one person, the voices within will attempt to convince you that you are right to be angry, that you are right to withhold your love.  And, this turns into a minor battle within your being.  And, while this is going-on, the ways of the world will attempt to distract you from what is happening within your being; and, these things will pop-up, turning your head toward a new job, or a friendship, or discourse between other people.  Many things will be thrown at you to distract you from maintaining your inner being, your inner sanctuary.  But, know this, no matter what is going-on around you in the world, nothing is more important than what is going-on within you.

      “Nothing is more important than the battles that rage within the human being, the pushing, and prodding, and fighting.  These battles are real.  These battles are choice, and you choose every day.  Within your being, you are prompted to choose between: good and evil, life and death, fulfillment or lose.  And, these battles rage within each of you, from time to time.  Oh, sometimes the battlefield is scattered with debris, within your being, and at other times, the battle is dormant, quiet, waiting.  No matter what the position, you must be vigilant.  Know what is going-on within you.  All the good, and all the evil, is at your disposal.  All the good, and all the evil, is waiting to flow out upon the Earth, coming from you.  It is your choice.

      “It is less likely that the battle will flow-out onto the Earth, if you know what you are doing.  So today, I give you a clue.  If today you are sitting, comfortably in a chair, and with purpose and determination, are maintaining anger about something from the past, or the present, it is not The Kingdom of God stirring within you, telling you that you have every right to feed the wolves of anger.  Know who you are listening to, know who is guiding you, and do not permit the dark side to gain a foothold in your inner sanctuary.

      “In parting, I ask that you close your eyes.  Be still.  Envision The Kingdom of God within you.  See it.  Now, open your heart.  Open your chest, and open your arms, and let The Kingdom of God flow from you onto the Earth.  See it.  If you see it as flowing water, see it.  If you see it as a beautiful meadow, see it.  If you see it as an ocean or a mountain, see it.  But, see it, because it is there, within you.  Protect it.  You are the guardian of The Kingdom of God that is within you.  Today, walk upon the Earth as if you know it.