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March 8, 2021



      When you look-out, and see rolling hills, you do not judge, the lower hills for not matching the size of those taller hills.  You notice the difference, and that is that.  When you see, a garden, filled with flowers, you do not judge, the flowers that are pink, as lesser, than the flowers, that are yellow.  You just notice the difference, and that is that.  You do not judge, a river, for being wider, than a river, in some other place.  You just notice, and that is that.  It does not make, a rolling hill, better, because it is taller, than the rest, around it.  It does not make, a flower better, because its color is different from those around it.  It does not make a river better, if it is wider, than those around it.  It is different, and that is that.  There are so many ways, in which you do not judge.  You, just look, and see.  And, in the seeing, celebrate: the rolling hills, no matter the size; the garden, filled with flowers, of every color; the rivers, which are wide, and the rivers, which are narrow.  You are able to see, and acknowledge, and not judge.  You know how to do it.  Now, apply it, to those around you.  Apply it to everything.  See, and notice, without judgment.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your Earth experience is expanded, and richer, because of the diversity in the hills, and the streams, and the rivers, and the meadows, and the deserts, and the oceans.  Look at all the colors around you.  And, many times, if there is mainly one color, one hue, running through this picture, in which you are experiencing, the hues, the shades, add dimension.  Dimension!  It is time for you to grow, in your ability to see, and know, but not judge.  See, know, appreciate, all that is around you.  Do not judge.  Love.