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March 9, 2020



      My child, do not permit the demons of meanness to tempt you to mock, or belittle, or taunt another, no matter what they are saying to you, no matter what they are doing to you, or others.  Do not take into yourself the demon of meanness, the spirit of meanness.  It seems as if the world around you is guiding and leading the way into retaliation every day.  Resist this temptation as well, for the demon of retaliation will do you no good.  Come the end of the day you will not feel better, as you prepare to sleep, if you have dabbled in mockery, or taunting, if you have picked-up the cloak of retaliation.  Let these things go.  Let them go.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When your focus is upon you relationship with God, this, and this alone, will save you many times; for, if you are standing in the presence of God, and I can assure you, you are right now, you would not begin to taunt another, if you believed you were in the presence of God, you would not mock another, you would not seek revenge, or retaliation, upon another.  You would stand in awe of the goodness, and the light, and the love that you felt in the presence of God.  You see, just being in the presence of God, and holding yourself in that place, will prevent you from doing many things that are of darkness and shadow.  So today, check-in, all through the day, and make sure you are in the presence of God.  And, your day will be good, and your motives pure, and the words you speak sweet and tender.  Today, you are in the presence of God, so, let it be.