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March 9, 2021


      Live your life upon the Earth, with great excitement, jubilation.  Live, every day, and do not ignore all the beauty that surrounds you, held in My creation.  For, as it began, it continues.  Creation just did not happen, within a great explosion of love, and then stop, to be set in stone, forever.  No, My love is creation, continuing, through you, in all you think, and say, and do.  And, things change.  People change.  Even the animals, and the insects, and the fishes in the seas, they change, as creation continues, moving, spreading out, expanding.  And you, are held within My creation.  Permit yourself to grow, expand, embracing, with great love, all that is around you.  Celebrate every day.  Be joyful in a cup of dirt, soil, sand, rocks, pebbles, you might hold in your hand.  Celebrate, that the creation of Earth, as it was set in place, was set in place, in such a way, that it would give you all you need on a material level, on a physical level, on a level which you see.  And celebrate that I will give you all you need on a spiritual level.  So, as Earth feeds your body, your physical body, I feed your spiritual body.  Creation continues, and it continues with you, and through you, every minute of every day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even the rocks of Earth give you life.  You think about all the things that sustain your life, and often you forget minerals.  You need, your body needs, minerals.  And these minerals are held in rocks, in the soil of Earth, in that of Earth.  Your body needs water, not only to quench your thirst, and keep you hydrated, your body needs water to wash, and clean.  Water provides growth for fruits, and trees, flowers, grasses, all of these things.  Water provides life for the animals, and the fish, and the insects, the birds of the air.  There is no need, which cannot be fulfilled, within the gifts of Earth.  And there is no need, which cannot be fulfilled, within The Gifts of God.