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May 1, 2020


      Do not make a decision, especially an important decision, when you hold, within you, anger, or when you have been hurt, or when you feel dismayed, or if you have been rejected, in any way.  Resist the temptation to choose at those times, to make a decision at those times, because your decision will hold within it: retaliation, remorse, rejection.  When it is time to make a decision, free yourself, free yourself of these energies; so that the decision you make: is made in the light; will benefit your mission; will be a blessing to all the Earth.  Make your decision, within My light!

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are tempted to turn a decision into a retaliation, or to carry the energy of remorse within it, because of rejection or sadness, be still… before… you make the decision.  Make it, when you are free of anger, frustration, or hurt, or any such energy; for a decision made in shadow and darkness will be tainted with that shadow and darkness forever!  It might turn out not to be the decision which would have been a blessing to you or those around you.  Wait, until you standing-in the light of God, and then choose, and choose wisely!