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May 1, 2021



      Never be so set, in your ways, that you cannot learn, a new way.  Never be so set, in your course, that you cannot alter, your course.  Never be so set, in your ways, that you cannot look, and see, a possibility of, another way.  Do not be so set, on your course, that it is impossible for you to be flexible, bendable, movable.  Look at the sands, of the desert.  Look at the waters, of the oceans.  Look at the course, of the rivers and streams.  They are not rigid.  They are following, the course of, the present.  And the present will take you into tomorrow, where you can use the lessons, of the past.  It is best to go into tomorrow, carrying the lessons, from where you have been.  To do this, you must actively engage, in the present.  For, the present piece of eternity, is where you are, where you learn the lesson, where you are exactly where you are meant to be, at that moment, in eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you observe nature, all of the Earth, The Great Creation of God, you soon find that, everything moves, and flows, together, as one.  When something happens, to disrupt one flow, another flow is coming, right behind, calming, that which was disturbed, setting a course, for the present, (that) it is just, right to be in the present.  And all, of nature, knows this.  Look, observe, see, and know.