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May 10, 2019

   Do not walk through the day with your eyes closed to the suffering
of others around you.  When you see a need be quick to support and
to assist in whatever way you can.  Today, do not hesitate to reach-out,
and offer your hand to another in need.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Sometimes, when a person is down, and cannot seem to get themselves
out of the spiral, all that is needed is the offer of a helping hand; and,
when you take the time to reach-out and assist another to climb up
and out of the spiral of despair, you reflect the presence of God there,
with them.  Let God work these miracles through you today.  Let God
relieve suffering through you today, for that is how it is intended to be.
The children of God, are to be reflections of the power, and the mercy,
and the love of God upon Earth.  Reach-out, and touch another with
God’s love today.