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May 10, 2020


      It is not always possible to find: one string which will move through every human being upon the Earth, uniting them, binding them as one; one experience that is the same for every person upon Earth.  Yet there is one.  Every single person, upon the Earth, was born, born of woman.  Each of you had to: pass through a doorway; move through a threshold; pass over the threshold, onto the Earth.  And that doorway, that threshold, was an individual.  It does not matter what your relationship is with the individual who served as a threshold, as a doorway, between the dimensions.  What matters is that you honor that doorway, that threshold, that individual who gave you the opportunity to experience life upon Earth.  For this day, that is what you should remember.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Throughout your life you will experience certain times that are important milestones.  And these are birthdays, graduations, marriage even, job accomplishments, life accomplishments.  Everyone’s milestones are different.  They come at different times.  They are observed by different types of celebrations.  But all of this is made possible by an individual who was willing to be the threshold, the doorway, through which you passed.  As you honor, and celebrate, the important times of your life upon the Earth, be sure not to overlook honoring the individual who was your doorway, who was the threshold, for the experience to take place at all.