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May 10, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Let us begin this new day together.  We will walk together, and you will talk, and I will listen; and you will talk some more, and I will listen more; and occasionally, I will whisper, and you will hear Me.  We will be talking heart to heart, spirit to spirit, and in that way, there is no misunderstanding about the verbiage, the language.  We are connected in a way beyond vocabulary.  We are connected in spirit, and in spirit we are one.


      “Today, where most of you, hearing these words or reading these words, reside, there is a celebration, honoring mothers.  This celebration is not being observed all over the world, yet it is being observed where you live, in a large portion of the world, (it is) a day set aside for mothers.

      “You could write volumes about mothers, the importance of the roles they play in the lives of their young ones.  Yet, as you begin on that journey there are many branches, many tributaries, because all mothers are not the same.  Mothers are individuals.  Some might be as gentle and nurturing as a spring rain, while others let their presence be known through thunder and lightning.  But there is one thing that does remain the same, that is the exact same for every human being upon the Earth, and that is where My focus will be today, because it is most extraordinary to find a cord of unity that weaves through all of humanity, yet this one is the thread, is the binding cord.  You were born of woman.  You passed through a doorway, you moved over the threshold, passing from one dimension to another, and without this passage, without the doorway, without the threshold, you would not have the opportunity to experience life upon Earth, Mother Earth. 

      “You are breathing: therefore, you did pass through the doorway, you did move over the threshold; therefore, you are living the story of your life, you are writing the book of your life upon Earth.   It is not necessary for you to agree with the person who gave birth to you.  It is not even necessary for you to know the face of the person who gave birth to you.  What is important today, what is important for you to know, is that this individual gave you the opportunity for your lifetime experience, gave you the opportunity to fulfil your destiny, to live-out your mission, and return to your Eternal Home.  Stop and think on that.  And, if today you find that you cannot say, in your heart, you have a loving relationship with a mother, or that you even know what your mother looks like, you can stand-up, and say, ‘I honor that doorway.  I honor the threshold.  I honor the individual who gave me the opportunity to experience life upon the Earth.’  Every individual, upon the Earth, can do that.  This is your common ground.  This is where you are exactly the same. 

      “It is important for you to return to that place of passage and give honor.  Without that portal, without that threshold, that door, you would not be upon the Earth.  That is the only way you arrive upon Earth.  You must pass through the doorway, the body of that individual: to begin to write your book, your story; to live-out your destiny; to embrace the opportunity and do and live, as you are meant to do and live.

      “I know some of you today are very thankful and appreciative of a certain person, who might have given you an opportunity in the business world.  They might have been your mentor, for a while, and sent you out, ready to walk into a place of business, knowing what they know, filled with the wisdom of many years, so that you could achieve success.  And when you talk about your business success, you often mention that person as the one giving you the opportunity to experience the success.  You might speak of coaches of many kinds.  You might remember some type of athletic coach who showed you: how to do things properly; how to hit the ball more effectively and more efficiently; how to perfect a certain stroke, having your hands cut through the water, propelling your body farther than you would have gone otherwise.  In your lifetime you have met many people who have given you an opportunity to excel at something you wanted to do, and you appreciate their effort, you speak of them often, and you give them honor in your gratitude.  Today, return to the doorway which made it all possible.  Today, honor the individual who gave you the opportunity to experience life on Earth, for a while.”