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May 10, 2021


      When you feel so low, lost, with no place to go, be still.  When you feel, as if every door has slammed shut, locking you out, in a darkness, in a shadow, in a circle, entrapping you, be still.  Even though your hands are trembling, and your jaw is shaking and quivering, be still.  I AM with you.  You have heard these words.  You have read these words.  You have even possibly said these words.  But now, at this time of trial, it is important to know, I AM with you.  Know beyond believing.  Believe beyond hoping.  Trust Me.  These words are not vacant.  They are not empty, and neither are they clanging cymbals, or pounding drums.  These words are a promise, a sacred promise.  I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God, The Creator of All Things, has said so, that you are not alone.  But, in times of trial and challenge, it is easy to doubt this, because you look around, and you see, you are standing alone.  The whole world is against you, you might think.  And there you stand, alone.  But the only reason you doubt, that God is with you, is because you are counting on, and believing in, the material illusion, that you must see it, before you believe it.  The unseen is all around you, but you must see it, with the eyes of your spirit, your soul.  You must see it with your eyes closed, until you grow ever so bold, that you see it with your eyes wide open.  The words, I AM with you, are not empty.  They are a sacred promise.  You do not find words, describing, or limiting, how God is with you.  It is a statement, a fact, needing no explanation, especially to one, who is willing to believe, because from the believing, springs forth the knowing, I AM with you.