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May 11, 2019

   Stay focused on creating thoughts of light within yourself.  Stay focused
on speaking words of love.  Stay focused on performing deeds of charity.
Be generous in your love, and in your laughter.  Do not be distracted by
what others are saying, or doing, do not be concerned about what others
are thinking, for this will keep you from what you are to do, this will
distract you, and steal your attention.  Focus on that which is yours to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   Living in the world created by man you find distractions, your attention
is pulled this way and that way.  Soon you find you have lost your way,
dancing with distractions of the day.  Today, focus on what you can do.
Master your thoughts, in such a way, that you create great light.
Master the words you are saying, in such a way, that you deliver words
of love.  Master the deeds you perform, so that they are generous,
and kind, and compassionate towards others, and yourself.  Yes:
in your thoughts be kind to yourself; in your words be kind to yourself;
in your deeds be kind to yourself.  Do these things, with great intention,
and you will find it easier to create thoughts of light for others, to
speak words of love for others, to perform deeds of charity, kindness,
and compassion for others.  Focus: master thoughts, words, and deeds.
Stay focused.