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May 11, 2020



      How often, during the day, do you think of a loved one, that your thoughts move from that which you are doing, at that particular moment, to the thoughts of the one you love.  This is a return to that person, in a spiritual way, touching them, all during the day, because you are thinking of them, in a loving way.  In order to take our relationship to a more intimate level, I ask that you think of Me in that way, for you know I love you, and I know you love Me.  Even though you cannot see My face, or feel My touch upon your hand or arm: you know I AM with you; you know I remember you; you know I know who you are.  The sign that you have reached an intimate level, in the relationship between us, is that you think of Me, in a loving way, all through the day.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are in a loving relationship the contact is always with you in thought: you think of the person you love; you remember something they said or did; you can sense their presence before they call your name.  You know them.  This is how God wants you to relate; together, connecting every minute of the day, by thought.  Looking at birds, and flowers, and trees is an easy way to think of God.  But when you touch the one you love, think of God, because therein you will find God’s love, in that touch, in that person, that individual that carries The Spirit of God.  If you set your intention to do this, all through the day, you will be surprised how many things remind you of The Presence of God with you, and that is as it should be, for you are one with God, you are one with Me.