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May 11, 2021


      That, which has been tainted, sullied, or spoiled, in darkness and shadow, can be resurrected, cleansed, and made perfect, within My Light.  Do not hesitate to walk into My Light, fearing, or feeling, that it is not right, that you are not good enough, that you are not pure enough, because My Light is with you, to cleanse you, and to purify you, so that you shine, from within.  You are as a multi-faceted gemstone.  It is often necessary to take a gemstone, in your hands, and wash the dust, greases, and oils, from it, gently buffing, until it shines, until it is clean.  And, when, at last, you lift it up to the light, every facet, brings forth its unique characteristic of the light.  The gemstone is made perfect, when it is cleansed, and cleaned, and held in the light.  And, so are you, made perfect, when you are cleansed, and cleaned, in My Light.  Do not deny yourself, the unique, sacred experience of The Light, as it is, for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to see the brilliance of a gemstone, especially when you have cleaned it, and hold it up to the light.  It shines, and sparkles, often projecting fractions of iridescent colored light, all over the room.  And this brings delight, to see what this gemstone can do, when held in the light.  You can see this, with a gemstone.  Now, see it with you.  Think of yourself as a gemstone because you are.  Stand in The Light of God, which is always with you, and be cleansed, in the Light.  The Light of God is the only Light, which will illuminate every crack, crevice, and corner, within you, so that every unique facet of you, can illuminate, the world around you.  Stand, as you are, a thing of beauty, a gem of God.  Stand in The Light, and let every facet, of who you are, shine, brightly, projecting The Light of God, for all to see, the beauty held, within thee.