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May 12, 2019

   “I AM with you.  I AM with you to celebrate the dawn of a new day.  I AM with you to encourage you to celebrate every dawn, and every day.  You are in the process of a period of experience.  You are spirit, spirit which has donned a body of Earth, for a while; and, the purpose of this human body is to permit your spirit to experience Earth, and all Her beauty and glory, to the fullest.  Spirit can move over the Earth and see and know; but the human body can touch, and smell, and taste.  This Earth experience of the body is understood and incorporated into the spirit.  When you know this, the experiences you seek from Earth change.  Your Earth experience becomes fuller, richer, deeper, because you treasure each scent, each touch, each sight, each feeling.  I AM with you through your earthly experience, for I too had an earthly experience.                


   “It was ordained that I come to Earth to bring messages to you, to show you The Way, to make a great decision, to see how the children of Earth could best move forward.  I came to be the Messiah.  I came to bring messages from God to the children of Earth.  It was determined that I make My earthly appearance through My earthly mother, Mary, protected by My earthly father, Joseph; and so, it was accomplished.  Through the body of a woman I passed from the dimension of Heaven to the dimension of Earth, where My visit would last a relatively brief time.

   “Today, most of you are celebrating mothers.  It is a day set aside to honor the one who gave you your earthly birth, the one who was the doorway, the portal, for your entrance to Earth.  A mother’s arms are the first arms you feel about you.  They hold you, and embrace you, and protect you until you are ready to crawl and walk, and then those arms are not very far away.  They are there to scoop you up, if you fall while you play.  The mother’s heart is filled with love for her child. 

   “You come from love as a spirit, and you come from love in your earthly body.  But, as the spirit departed from Heaven to have the Earth experience, so too the earthly child departs from the earthly parent to have a unique Earth experience on their own.  Therefore, one day you decide to go out into the world, to work, to play, to seek what is there for you to see, no longer sitting in the lap or at the knee of your mother.  But, while the mother’s arms no longer hold you, her heart holds you.  The heart is the home, it is the love; and therein, you will always have a home.

   “No matter how trying the ways of the world might be, you are always held in the heart of love, no matter whether it is the heart of your earthly parent, or the heart of your Heavenly Parent.  This is important for you to know, because no matter how far you go, no matter how deeply entrenched you become in the ways of the world, you are always held in the Home of Love.  So, you see, your very existence is of love.  Your spirit is of love.  Your human body is of love.  This is what gives you courage and strength to make your way in the world, to push challenges aside, knowing that the Home of Love is always there, always holding you, always caring for you.  While the arms cannot surround you, the heart will ever hold you.  Do not let the ways of the world throw you into turmoil or despair.  Be still and quiet and remember to go there, to the heart of the mother, to the heart of God, for you are held tenderly in both.”