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May 12, 2020



      I hear your cries.  I see your struggle.  I know there is pain within you.  It does not matter whether you have been cut down, knocked down, or fallen, the standing, the rising-up again, all comes from a power within you.  Every fall is a lesson, and held within the lesson of the fall, is the strength and the courage to rise again.  You will find wisdom in the lesson of the fall, if you will be still so that you might hear it, know it, feel it flowing throughout your body; for, that which is within you is as soil, well-tended, and turned, and prepared to give life.  Do not let your worries create tomorrow.  Come and sit with Me, for your recovery is within, your strength and courage is within.  Rest your head upon Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are times, in every lifetime, when you feel as if you have been pushed down for the last time, when you think it is impossible to rise-up again, and at these times, your courage and your strength is found within.  If today you feel as if you have been pushed to the limit, and worries occupy all of your thoughts, go into a room and close the door.  Be still and pray.  Connect with God in a sacred way, asking that God show you what you need to see, and tell you what you need to hear.  God, The Creator of All Things, is nearer to you than your closest friend, your family, those who love you, and those who support you, in the physical world.  God is within you.  God knows everything concerning you, so you do not need to list all that is troubling you, all you need to do is be quiet, and let God fill you with love.