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May 12, 2021



      Do not deny the sharing, of your love, and your light, amongst all people, through judgment.  Do not judge, one worthy of your love, and another unworthy of your love.  Do not judge, one worthy of your light, and another unworthy of your light, through judgment.  Understand this.  Be love, as I AM Love.  Be light, as I AM Light.  If you think of it as offering, or giving love, and offering, and giving light, you might withhold, from some, your love, your light.  But if you believe, if you know, you are love, you are light, your love, and your light, exists, in your presence, and it touches each one around you.  Just as I let the rains fall, on all, not judging who deserves the rain, or who does not deserve the rain.  You, by knowing, you are love, and you are light, will bless each one, you encounter, with love, and light, because you are not dispensing love, and light, you are being love, and light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have compassion, and you believe that it is as a piece of cake, that you must share with others, you might become stingy, in the division of it, coming, at last, to doling, this piece of cake, this piece of compassion, out to only those you believe deserve it.  Ah, but if you know you are compassion, then you walk amongst all of humanity, being compassion, not handing it out, not dividing it, being it, so that all might be in the presence of compassion.  And it is the same, with all of the creations of God, with love, and light, and peace, kindness, charity.  Think of yourself as love, and light, and kindness, and peace, and charity, inside.  Nurture these things, inside.  Feed them, inside.  Let the flame grow, inside.  And then, you will never need, or have to decide, who is worthy, of a piece, of your kindness, your love, because you just are, and in your presence, each one is blessed.