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May 13, 2019

   What do you think your home would look like, if you carried
with you all the clothing you ever wore, all the possessions you
ever owned: all of the toys, pictures, books, tools, implements,
everything that was yours, from the time you were born until now?
Try to envision your living space, stacked with clothing and possessions
from infancy to now.  It is probably difficult to imagine, but things
would be stacked all over.  You could not walk around without having to
move something from here to there.  No closet could hold the clothing,
no home could hold the possessions of a lifetime.  It would be
bursting at the seams.  You can see this easily with material
possessions; how you need to rid yourself of the old, preparing
for the new.  Take some time to think about your inner dwelling
place, your inner landscape.  Think about all the anxieties, disputes,
arguments, broken friendships and promises, all that has occurred
along the way.  You are carrying a lifetime, and it impacts your
body.  It is time to rid your inner being of the debris of the past.
Even that which served you well, at the time, does not necessarily
serve you well today.  Clothing that was just perfect for the twelve
year old does nothing for the thirty year old, except bind, and
restrict, and confine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   It is time to unpack the burdens you are lugging around.
Take some time to traverse the corridors of your inner being.  Who
needs forgiving?  Who needs blessing?  What encounter needs
forgiving?  What encounter needs blessing?  These things of a
lifetime can weigh you down.  It is not necessary to carry with you
all of the negative issues of the past.  See them, forgive them, bless
them.  Change them into valuable lessons, which will be as light
as air, as they become your suitcase of wisdom.  Lighten the load,
free yourself, forgive all things today.