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May 13, 2020



      I know you from the inside-out, when most of those around you know the surface you, the you that you choose to reveal to those around you, but I know all of you.  I know your thoughts about revenge, seeking to get even with someone you feel has betrayed you.  I know those thoughts.  No one else knows those thoughts, yet I know those thoughts, but because I know those thoughts, seeking revenge, I also know the nobility in that which you create to override the action, the words, the deeds.  I know the conflict within you, and I see the heroism when you overcome that which is tempting you and send it from you.  No one else knows these inner battles, these conflicts, requiring courage and strength, for the tempter has an attractive web, which will ensnare you, if you are not careful.  I rejoice when I see you avoid this web of doubt, or deceit, or revenge.  There is as much going on within you, as there is going on all around you in the physical world, and I love all of you.  I love the inside of you, and the outside of you, and the noble thoughts of you, and the kind deeds of you, and the gentle words of you.  I AM the only one that knows the real you, the only one that sees all you do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sit with God and be quiet.  You do not have to introduce a particular issue or tell God what is “the matter at hand.”  God knows these things, you see, so all you have to do is sit quietly, and let the wisdom of God enfold you.  When you rise-up, you will realize that you know what to do.  You have been touched with a lesson from Heaven.  You understand, better, because you know God.  You meet God on the inside, and God knows you from the inside.  Therefore, this is the most sacred relationship that could ever be because it is one that lasts throughout eternity.