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May 13, 2021



      You cannot crawl, until you turn over, on your hands, and your knees.  You cannot walk, until you stand.  You cannot run, until your gait is sure.  You cannot fly, until The Spirit lifts you high.  You cannot soar, until you release all that is holding you down.  You can crawl and walk, and you can run, and fly, and soar, with the eagles.  But you must be willing to try.  You must be willing to do.  And faith, is the ingredient, which will carry you through, each stage of the resurrection.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not limit yourself, for as soon as you believe, you cannot do something, your belief becomes fact and truth, because you will not try to do something you believe you cannot do.  Today would be a good day to know, there are no limitations, or boundaries, for you.  That, which is upon your heart to do, is possible for you to do.