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May 14, 2020



      Sometimes, a day arrives when you know it is time for something new: and that something new might be a new car, and the joy of driving is renewed; it could be a new house, and a peaceful sanctuary is comforting; it could be the move to a new job, which holds promise for the future; or, it could be a new hobby, which can fill the spare time and occupy an interest.  But there is no guarantee that this joy, and security, and promise of a happy future, or occupied interests will be constant.  And as the months and years go by: the car is not always a carrier of joy; the home is not always a peaceful sanctuary; the job, which once held promise for a happy future, becomes dull, unfulfilled; and, the hobby no longer occupies your interest.  There is no guarantee that joy will be constant, that peace will be constant, that promise will always be there for a fulfilled future, that your interests will always be occupied with the same enthusiasm.  Life upon Earth holds no guarantee, and those things that you might believe are guaranteed often disappoint you.  I AM constant with you.  I will be your joy.  I will be your peaceful sanctuary.  I will be the promise of a fulfilled future.  I will occupy your interests.  I AM ever-present, unchanging, and My love for you only grows more intense and complete as we move closer and closer together.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might be unable to find a guarantee, a constant, in your everyday life, as you live upon the Earth.  Those things around you: will come and go; will be built-up and torn down; will live out a life of usefulness and then be set aside.  All things will change except that which is within you.  God is always with you.  God is ever-present.  God’s love does not depend on what you did or did not do.  God loves you, and on this you can place your trust and faith.  The promise of a fulfilled future is held in the love of God for you.