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May 14, 2021


      It requires focus: to live each day, as it is meant to be lived; to celebrate each day, as it is meant to be celebrated; and to be thankful, for each day.  It takes practice.  When you are focused, on dedicating your attention, to the day, with you, then the day, with you, becomes a thing of great beauty.  And it is not just beautiful for you.  This energy, that you are creating, by focusing your attention, on the beauty of the day, gratitude for the day, all that you see, and hear, and know, during the day, then this energy, moves out from you, throughout the day, encircling any of those, who come your way, or pass your way.  It is a beautiful creation, to focus, on each day.  When you are tempted to look back, or look forward, you are missing, the opportunity to create, something of great value, a beautifully, perfect day.  Do not miss the opportunity of today, because it is possible for (the) day to slip away, without your recognition.  Focus your attention on today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are blessed enough to sit, and watch children at play, you will notice, that they are focusing, their attention, on a game, or a sliding board, or climbing a tree, or delighting in eating an ice cream cone.  Watch the children at play, and then focus, your attention, on creating your day, to look similar, to a day, when a child is at play.  Practice doing this, then come the night, your heart will be filled with gratitude, delight, and thanksgiving.  If you focus, your attention, on the day at hand, the coming days will take care of themselves.  One day will slip into another, and another, and another, and because your day, with you, held your complete focus, it was completed, in The Way, it was meant to be.  Focus your attention, on creating, a beautiful day.