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May 15, 2020


      Listen, and you will hear it.  It begins on a majestic peak of a mountain, and echoes down over the rolling hillsides, into the canyons and the valleys, and down to the riverbeds, and then up, and over again.  It is the waking song of a new day, calling you to rise-up, to stand-up, to say, “Good morning,” to this new day.  And all of Earth awakens in the glory, waiting to write another verse, another page, another chapter in the story of life upon Earth.  And as you rise-up and pray, you connect with Me, and I whisper unto thee, “Rise-up; My child, and create!”  It is a new day, in every way.  Rise-up, and do that which is stirring inside of you, calling you to do!

And The Holy Spirit says: 

      No matter where you are, as the new day begins, there are certain sounds that you associate with the beginning of a new day.  Rise-up, and let your voice become a part of the new day symphony, the song of life, the song of waking, the song trumpeting, announcing the news of a new day.  Breathe it in that way, begin anew that way.  The new day is with you, walk into it!