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May 15, 2021


      If a plague, came knocking on your door, you would not open the door.  You would make sure your door was locked, and gather your family, and pray, until the plague passed away, and the light of the sun blessed the new day.  You can see this.  You can understand this.  So, apply this to the thoughts, which knock at your door, and swirl, within your head.  Some thoughts are of kind deeds, and gentle words.  But there are thoughts, which knock on the door, that are as the plague.  And if the door is opened, these thoughts, of darkness and shadow, will move into you, and disease will infect what you think, what you say, what you do.  Do not give these thoughts power over you.  Cast them out, and send them, from you.  This practice empowers you.  You are no longer the victim of darkness and shadow.  You are the power over darkness and shadow.  Do not open your door to the plague.  Rise-up, and cast it from your doorstep, and it shall pass away.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let your days be filled with light, and permit your days to tell a story, of life, upon the Earth, and all its glory, when lived by one, who knows The Way.  Sit with Me, for I dwell within thee, so you might know The Way, so you might know The Wisdom of Heaven.  I will guide you, and direct you.  And, when we speak, you will know, better, the spirit that is you.  You will come to understand that you are of Heaven, and you are sacred.  Do not throw open the doors to spirits of darkness and shadow.  Cast them from you.  You need not live with them, and you shall not live with them, once you know what to do.  When the shadows of darkness threaten you, rise-up, and say, with the authority, God has given you, “Not today.  I am a child of God, and I know The Way.  I cast you out.  I send you away.”