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May 16, 2019

   When someone hands you a cup of poison you reject the cup,
you do not drink.  When someone tempts you with poisonous
gossip, or anger, or frustration, or retaliation, toxic issues of any
kind, do not take part.  You do not have to share that which will
poison you.  Reject the temptation outright.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   If someone hands you an apple that has been poisoned, you
would not eat it, you would not even take one bite.  However,
the temptation seems more difficult to pass-up, when the poison
apple is gossip about another, hurtful things said about another,
retaliation for this, that, or the other, or even tempting you into
an argument, or fight.  These things are just as poisonous as the
apple, hold as much venom as a cup filled with poison.  Be
mindful of what you are ingesting, physically and spiritually,
as bit-by-bit, bite-by-bite, cup-by-cup, you are poisoning yourself
by taking part in gossip, by assisting in intimidation or retaliation,
in arguing and fighting, in hating and anger.  Reject these toxic
things, and turn to the light.