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May 16, 2020



      Come, seeker of beauty.  Come seeker of balance and harmony.  Come seeker of wisdom.  Rise-up and come and stand by Me.  Close your eyes, so that you are not limited in any way, so that you see, as I see!  Stand by Me.  Look, and see, 360 degrees all around, look and see.  See the beauty springing forth from Mother Earth, see it.  Look and see that which grows on hillsides, in the deserts, in the valleys, by the rivers, next to the oceans.  Look and see.  There is balance and harmony in that which springs forth from Mother Earth, and held within that beauty, and balance and harmony, you will find wisdom.  Look and see.  Now, open your eyes, and that which you see is no longer dull, it is radiant, it is filled with beauty.  You will find balance and harmony in a dandelion, or the branch of a tree, and held within all that you see, you will find a piece of wisdom, waiting, just for thee!

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Sometimes, in order to see, you must: close your eyes; permit yourself to transcend that which you think you know, and begin to see with the eyes of your soul.  You will not be limited in that way.  All will be possible, in that way.  And once you open your eyes once more, you will see in a different way, because you have been blessed by the eyes of your soul.  There is great beauty, natural beauty, all around you.  Look and see.  Balance and harmony exist in nature.  Look and see.  And there is wisdom in that balance and harmony, and in that natural beauty.  Look, and see!