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May 16, 2021



      I know that, which brings you joy.  I know that, which delights you.  I also see, and know that, which brings you confusion, dismay, frustration.  I see, and know, all that is with you.  When an issue clouds your day, be still.  As it moves around you, and seems to grip you, be quiet.  It is then, as a storm, which has befallen you.  However, if the storm comes to you, the storm will pass from you.  Do not use your energy to squirm, or run, or cry-out, or shake your fist, or be angry, at the situation, surrounding you.  Save, your energy, and be quiet.  Speak My Name, take My Hand, and I will lead you, through the storm.  And soon, the sun will shine.  Whenever your encounter a challenge, a trial, something very difficult to do, be still, and know, it shall pass from you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Life is so easy, and fine, when the day is filled with sunshine, when the flowers, are bright with color and scent, and the sky is blue, and the grass is green, and all is just as you would like it to be.  Sing, and dance, and celebrate those days, for they prepare you for the storm, that will surely come to you.  But stand, in the midst of the storm, and know, it will pass from you.  The promise is, that you can reach-out, and take The Hand of God, that you can be still, and hear My Whisper, from within you.  And while you are buffeted by the storm, the storm will pass, and you will walk through, and there will be the sunshine, warming you.