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May 16, 2021


      “I AM with you.  Yes, I AM.  Isn’t it a delight?  Isn’t it wonderful, to reach-out, and take a hand?  And I will hold your hand, and we will walk through this day.  And no matter what might come your way, your hand is securely in Mine, and I will show you The Way.  Come, walk with Me.  Let us see this new day.


      “You have read accounts of My years, upon the Earth.  You have read accounts of My interaction, with those I drew near to Me.  You have read accounts of all that I did teach them, all that I showed them, and those things I asked of them.  You have read accounts of their worries and concerns, as My days, upon Earth, reached an end.  This, the end, could have been the end.  Those, apostles, and disciples, could have dispersed, in fear, and it would have stopped, right there. 

      “They witnessed a crucifixion, which they did not believe would happen.  They lived through those hours, and they were dark.  And they were afraid.  It was as if everything, they heard Me say, was crumbling, before their eyes.  And it took a while, before they could realize that, that which was crumbling, was actually continuing, building into something new, powerful, everlasting.  But those, who witnessed The Crucifixion, also were to bear witness, to The Resurrection.  They knew Me.  They thought I was gone, never to see Me again.  And then, out of the clouds, I walked, into their presence, and spoke with them, and touched them, and continued to prepare them, as it was My destiny to return Home. 

       “It was during that time that fear, and confusion, and chaos, slowly, began to melt, replaced by courage, and strength, and faith.  Then, those, who witnessed The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection, also witnessed The Ascension, and fear began to slip in again; worry and concern, as all the gossip, and the rumors, roared through the cities and towns, that they would be sought-out, and they would be found, and their fate would be as Mine had been.  But, as they were gathered, in the room, the storm came, and the wind blew, and the building shook, and so did they.  And then, bursting out of their dismay, there came The Holy Spirit, with tongues of fire, and a blessing.  And that strength, and courage, and faith, and belief, was altered again, like a butterfly, coming out of a cocoon.  And there was The Knowing, embraced, in that room.  And, when the storm did pass, and the wind did cease, those, who were shaken with fear, at one time, stood, and walked from the room, and cherished that, which they held within, which they knew was divine.  They knew, and when you know, your knowing cannot be stripped from you.

      “If today, you are caught in a storm, or buffeted by wind, or shaken and dismayed, remember that, which has been, and be still, and you will feel The Presence of The Holy Spirit, within you.  Be quiet, and you will hear The Whisper, from within.  Breathe deeply, and stand, and you will be ready to open the door, and walk.

      “You are not being asked to die on a cross.  You are not being asked to risk all that you have, including your life.  But, you are asked to be still and quiet, and the storm shall pass.  Let the winds blow.  Let the windows shake.  And then, welcome the new dawn, which brings to you The Gift of Knowing.  And when you know, you move forward, with strength, and courage, and determination.  And all that comes to you is just that, it is what comes to you; because, in The Knowing, you will always know what to do.  Be still, be quiet, and you will Know The Way.”