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May 17, 2020


      Seek first to know the richness of life rather than seeking the riches of the world.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is a landscape within your being that is the source of life.  It is the source of the richness of life.  Do not ignore that which you carry within you to seek the temporary riches of the world.  You are the bringer of the richness of eternal life.  It is within you.  You carry it within you.  Walk upon the Earth and into the world created by man, knowing who you are, where the wealth is found, where the treasure is located.  Resolve your everyday issues and matters from that well of wisdom within you.  Begin within and let the roots of your being sink into the soil of your soul and begin growing from there, and the richness of that eternal life, you carry within you, will show as you blossom and grow.  Do not deny yourself.  Do not resist knowing the real you.  Do not permit the roots to whither.  Go within and begin anew.


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