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May 17, 2020


      “I AM with you.  The sun has risen, the new day is dawning.  It is a new beginning, and I AM with you.  I AM with you throughout the day, available, ever-present.  Use the resources given.  Use the resources with you to help calm your fears, chase away your worries, and give you answers to that which concerns you.  When you realize the wealth of that which you carry with you, when you believe firmly and completely that I AM with you, every minute of the day, your day will begin to change, and so will The Way you live, for The Way you live will be a sign that you know I AM with you.             


      “Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be all you are meant to be.  Do not sell yourself short.  Do not belittle that which is grand in scope.  Do not hide your shining hours and minutes upon the Earth beneath a basket of doubt.  You are truly meant to be walking upon the Earth, right now; but many of you are walking upon the Earth blind.  You cannot see your destiny because you are denying your opportunity to be. 

      “I encourage you to go within.  As you begin every day, stop.  Before you put on your shoes, or anything else, go within, and slowly begin the day, from within.  Your inner landscape is rich.  The soil is life-giving.  There is everything within you to grow that which you are meant to be.  But you must turn the soil, you must make sure the roots are deep within that garden prepared by God.  If you begin each day seeing it that way, you will understand that your true growth, your true potential, comes from within.  Make sure that your roots are deep within the love of God. 

      “Once you have established that your garden is set and ready for the day, rise-up, because all that you are tending within you will produce fruit all around you, in the world created by man.  It does not matter what occupation you have chosen, or has been chosen for you, in some cases, might be.  It is does not matter where you go to work or to study.  These things do not matter, if you are coming from that enriched garden with you.  You are carrying that fertile garden all over the Earth with you.  And as you make sure it is well-tended, and weeded, and cared for the love of God will produce bountiful fruits from that which is within you.  Every job you do, every task you perform, will be enriched by that which is within you.  Life will cease to be a series of tasks, and chores, and jobs, and it will begin to be the opportunity to bless and enrich every task, every chore, every job. 

      “You know what happens to a plant if you cut-off the roots before setting it in the ground.  It will be beautiful, for a day or so, but with no root system it cannot grow.  Visualize the roots of your potential, moving through the soil of your inner landscape.  Let them go deep, let them reach far, because there is no boundary, there are no limits, to who you are, when your roots are deep in the garden of God’s love.  And that which you produce will not just fall upon those who are worthy.  The fruits that come from you, when your roots are deep, will be a gift to all, and this is God-like.  Your presence will be a blessing to all, and this is God-like.  Your potential is to bless the Earth, to bring the peace of God to Earth, to bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth.  But you cannot do this until your inner landscape is providing the richness of life.  Today, seek to know, better, the richness of life.”