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May 17, 2021



      Once you have made your way through the storm, once you have successfully maneuvered through a crisis, or an upheaval, or found peace, at last, in chaos and confusion, avoid the temptation, to continue down the path, seeking the next project, or obstacle.  Be still.  Sit and see, so you might know the lesson.  The temptation is to move on.  And, often, as you move on, from whatever you have endured, the dust, and the debris, still clings to your shoes, and your hand, and you carry it with you, down the road, around the bend.  You carry the pieces and remnants, but you do not hold the wisdom of the lesson.  In order to retrain the lesson, be still.  Feel it.  See it.  Understand how it did unfold, so that when you encounter another storm, another crisis, more confusion, and chaos, using The Wisdom of Heaven, you know what to do.  There is much time, to continue, along the path.  First, sit.  Be still.  See and know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have weathered the storm, often you feel a sense of celebration, welling-up in you.  You want to call-out to all, “We made it through.  Look.  There is the sun.  It is a brighter day.  The work is done.”  And this is, most assuredly, understanding what has happened, being a cause, for celebration, success, completion.  But there has been something missing, so often, between the trial, and the triumphant celebration.  And it is, understanding the lesson.  And because no time is taken, between trial and celebration, the trials continue to plague you, because you did not sit, and learn, so you might know.  Let these words settle into your being, today.  Do not be in such a hurry, or rush, to get away, from what you have just experienced.  Sit.  Learn the lesson.  And the lesson will be, to reject, to send from you, all negativity, and retain the gem, the precious gem, of the lesson, and carry it forward.  There is no need to carry the debris of the storm, the muck, and the mud, of the storm.  But within every storm there is the priceless lesson.  Carry that with you, and you will walk, over the Earth, knowing The Ways of Heaven.