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May 18, 2021



      The most amazing journey, you will ever take, is not about your travels, over the Earth, the friends you make, the suitcase you take, or all the places you go.  The most important journey, you will ever make, is to enter the secret chamber, within your being, to walk the corridors, and hallways, to open your eyes, to that, which is, within you.  And this is the only way, you will know the value of you.  It is also the only way, which you can clean, and cleanse, the temple, the sacred space, that is with you, in you, of you.  There are piles of rubble, and debris, stacked all around.  And it is up to you to cleanse that sacred ground, to free yourself, through forgiveness, to empty the hallways, so they might begin to shine, with the light, that is surely, within you.  Each obstacle, each pile of debris, you see, is something created, within thee.  Do not turn your head any longer.  Let the great journey within, begin today.  The first thing you see, look at it.  It is not just a memory, within you.  It is something, which needs attention, from you.  Pick it up.  Look at it.  Forgive it.  And, let it be.  As you become more familiar, with the inner chamber, then you will know what to do.  And soon, the hallways, the corridors, will be illuminated, through the work you do.  And you will shine, from within.  And shining, from within, will illuminate the skin of your body.  Take the journey within and begin.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes you encounter a task, a cleaning task.  It might be a room, or it might be a stack of dirty dishes.  It could be a yard, filled with clutter.  Still, you look, and are surprised, at all that has accumulated there, while your back was turned, while you did not care.  Often, the only way to begin, is to just pick-up the first thing you see.  The pile is so high, there is so much.  At first, there is no order, to cleaning this debris.  But you begin, you are willing to begin.  And soon, you have picked-up the third, the fourth, and now, in your hand, you are holding the fifth, piece of clutter, which needs removing.  Often, the only way to begin to clean a place, a project, or yourself, is to take the first thing you see, and then the next, and then the next, until you are free.