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May 19, 2019



          “I AM with you today; and, as you begin to feel My presence, you will also begin to know The Way.  Let us walk together throughout this glorious day.  You can ask Me questions, and I will respond with the gift of guidance, with lessons which deliver wisdom, as they unfold all around us.  Do not hesitate to ask, and do not hesitate to accept that which you are given in reply to your prayer, as My words, and My directions will not lead you astray.  Come, let us walk together into the new day.                   


          “Most of you have found yourself in a situation where you felt as if you were surrounded by strangers.  Perhaps this feeling smothered you when you were on work assignment in another country or state.  Perhaps it manifested itself while you were traveling afar in another county or on another continent.  It really doesn’t matter where you were when this sensation hit you.  Suddenly it was there with you.  You felt out of place, and alone.  You looked around and nothing looked familiar, no face held the promise of friendship, or even a friendly gesture to carry with you as you walked through the day.  Then, as if out of the blue, you heard a voice which rang a bell, which sounded like ‘home.’  Finding the courage to initiate an introduction to a stranger was quickly rewarded with an open smile, and a series of stories which began to flow when you and the stranger discovered you were from the same city, and even shared a few friends and had acquaintances in common.  This connection changed the entire day, and you no longer felt alone.  You parted, waving goodbye, holding a list of recommendations from a connection you made with someone from ‘home.’

          “I offer this for contemplation during the coming days.  You have journeyed from Heaven to visit Earth for a while.  Your journey is a bit of work, and a bit of play, travel, and recreation.  Your spirit animates your human body, while you are upon Earth.  It remains hidden from view, revealing itself in what you think, and say, and do.  The next time you are surrounded by individuals, whether at work, or at play, change the way you approach those around you.  Listen to what they say, watch what they do.  Then, when you hear a voice, which rings a bell, which sounds like ‘Home,’ do not hesitate to reach-out, and let your spirits meet, like strangers meeting on foreign soil, discovering common ground: heritage, family, friends, acquaintances, creating a sense of comfort between the two of you. 

          “Look beyond the human body.  Be eager to meet the spirit which animates the body, for you all come from the same Home.  Some will be so immersed in the material that it will be difficult to recognize the familiar ring, or the tone; but, I can assure you, it is there, maybe covered with the things of the world, maybe hidden from view, but still the spirit is there within each of you.  Listen to what they say, watch what they do.  Take, what they say and what they do as a sign, as a clue.  Making an introduction on a spirit level will resurrect the flame from the embers, and a spark of remembrance, recognition within each of you.  As you part company you will begin to understand that this connection of spirits traveling Earth holds promise, and has the potential, to change your entire day.  You no longer feel alone, you made a connection with a spirit from ‘Home,’ and the stories you shared, and the things you learned, during that brief encounter, are worth treasuring as recommendations from ‘Home.’  Seek to know the inner spirit of those around you, and you will soon find you are really not so far from ‘Home.’”