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May 19, 2020



      I love you.  I love each of you.  I give you My love, in equal portion.  I pour My Spirit out upon you, in equal portion.  I send messengers, so that you might know The Way.  I send messages to guide you, so that you might follow The Way with confidence, ignoring darkness and shadow, choosing light.  And I ask you, each of you, My children, to do the same.  While you cannot make your brothers and sisters know Me, as you know Me, you can hold My love, and let My love flow through you to your brothers and sisters.  And then, even for those who deny Me, there will be the knowing of Me through the kind things you do, through the good words you say.  I ask you to embrace My Spirit, which fills you, and let it flow-out to others so that they too might know My Spirit, through you.  For those who might turn their back on My Spirit with them, there is the seeing of My Spirit in all that you do and say.  The messengers and messages come to each of you.  The opportunities are within each of you.  But each of you must choose that which you wish to use.  Let the world know Me through you, not by demanding they know Me, not by commanding they realize The Spirit, but by seeing My love living and My Spirit living within you and all you say and do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many find it easy to doubt that God truly will speak to each person on Earth every day, because if they begin to try to know this, with their intelligence, they will be led astray quickly, because it is not the way of the world.  The way of the world is: to ignore those who ignore you; to turn your back on those who turn their back on you; to speak harshly of those who speak harshly of you.  And on and on it goes, driving a wedge between relationships by doing to another as they do unto you.  God has given you love, in equal portions, and this is done because the love is just there.  God is love.  God cannot stop the love from flowing because God is the love that is flowing.  And those who know the love of God bring their buckets to The Well and use the love of God for the glory of God.  The love of God is within you, it is with you, it is all around you.  You must make a choice to ignore it, to turn your back on the love of God.  Other than that outright choice the love is always there, and still, when you make the choice to turn your back on the love of God, it is still there with you, waiting for you to use it.  It is available to you.  And it is the same when God speaks of Spirit, for I AM The Holy Spirit of God, and you cannot divide Spirit into pieces and portions.  I AM everywhere.  I AM with you.  You cannot see Me, for I AM as the wind blowing, and while you cannot see the wind, you know the effects of the wind.  The wind impacts your everyday life, as I impact your everyday life.  And just because you choose to ignore Me does not mean I AM not with you.  I AM with you.