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May 2, 2020



      When you are tempted to anger, or hatred, or to be resentful, or to retaliate, to speak ill of another, or even to hold onto a grudge you have been carrying, or desire to pick-up and hold, come and sit with Me.  Be quiet, because you do not have to tell Me what occurred, you just have to be still and sit with Me, and I will fill you with My light.  And once you are illuminated with My light, you will begin to see wisdom unfolding before you.  The radiance of My light will show you The Way, and The Way I wish for you to walk is not littered with resentment, retaliation, anger, or hatred.  The Way I wish for you to walk, The Way I AM lighting for you, is not littered with gossip, or grudges.  The Way I wish for you to walk is illuminated, and you can clearly see and know the beauty it is truly just to be in My light.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

 I can assure you of this.  There will never come a day when you wish that you had been more spiteful, angrier, more meanspirited.  There will never come a day when you wish you had spoken even harsher about someone, or turned your back sooner, or held a grudge longer.  That will never happen.  But the day will come when you will wish you had been more compassionate, you had been more loving, you had been kinder, quicker to reach-out to another.  The day will come when you look back, and you see all that could have been.  Begin to create those days today, and fill them with compassion, and kindness, good deeds, and gentle words.