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May 2, 2021



      Justice is not found in retaliation and revenge.  An eye for an eye, will not resolve the anger, or hatred, burning within.  Oftentimes it is the fuel to the fire of retribution.  And even when reduced to smoldering ash, just below the surface, there is always the threat of the fire erupting, the dragon rising, the reckoning.  Ongoing animosity, between individuals, groups of people, races, creeds, nations, will never be squelched through acts of retaliation and revenge, even, when performed, in the name of justice.  True resolution will arrive, descending from The Hallways of Grace, on The Wings of Mercy.  When we talk, when we connect, when we meet, you will not be seeking justice.  You will be seeking Mercy.  And, Mercy and Grace, I shall give unto thee.  Now, go forth, and do the same, and do so, in My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Seek to use The Gifts you have been given with The Wisdom of Heaven, so that all you do reflects The Glory of God, shining within you.  Give to others, that which you seek for yourself, that which you desire for yourself.  That is true justice. The words and deeds of ego can lead you astray; but The Wisdom of Heaven will show you The Way.  I AM with you.  Sit with Me, for a while, today.