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May 2, 2021



      “I AM with you.  You need not seek, just turn around, and there you will find Me, walking next to you.  There is no need for fear, or worry, or concern, of any kind.  Be still, be quiet, and you will find, I AM there, with you.  It is The Promise that I shall always be with you.  It takes faith to believe that this is true.  But, when you are still, and quiet, it is easier to do, to know I AM there, with you.  I will continue to show you The Way, until you return Home.                                                                 


      “Let us speak of revenge and retaliation.  It is a vicious, cruel cycle, which entraps all who venture near to it, like a black hole, in space.  One reason, that the energies, of revenge and retaliation, are so strong, resist resolution, desire to live, within those it has entrapped, is because these energies are ancient, most often growing stronger, more insidious, with each new generation.  The energies, of revenge and retaliation, travel through generations, taking up residence in those, who would not give shelter, to such shadow and darkness, but for the teachings of generations.

      “It is time for the energies, of revenge and retaliation, to stop, to ravage no more, to extinguish not one breath of life.  It is time for each of you to turn the other cheek to insult, anger, war, revenge, and retaliation, for this is not The Way.  It is not My Way.  It is not The Way of God.  It is hostile to The Way of Love, Kindness, and Generosity. 

      “Envision a scene wherein one individual is assailing another.  Envision the one, being assailed, turning his head from the assailant, completely, as if looking toward something, in another direction.  What are you seeing?  What are you noticing?  One has stopped the act of aggression.  One has turned his attention, away from the act of war, and turned the face, the eyes, the ears to The Voice of God.  One has voluntarily chosen, another direction.  And that chosen direction, is toward God.  It is The Way.

      “Many generational wars, and battles, curses, and vendettas have ended, because one, two, or more, of the combatants, chose another direction, turned the other cheek, so they could, more clearly, hear The Whisper of God, know The Wisdom of Heaven, from within.  It takes faith to do this.  It takes a desire to do The Will of God.  It takes choosing Spirit over ego.  It takes listening, to The Wisdom of Heaven, that you hold, within you.  The ways of the world grow dim, and fade, when you are held in The Way of God.  Let the battles cease, and rage no more.  There is nothing more that you can do, but to let the battle end, with you.”