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May 20, 2020


      It is by doing, the things you do not want to do, the things you think are impossible to do, that you learn what you can do.  When the obstacle is a mountain, climb it.  When the obstacle is a river, ford it.  When the obstacle is endless days and nights, one meshing into the other, endure it.  When the obstacle is peril or jeopardy, take one step at a time until you are through it.  For My child: it is by climbing the mountain that you know your strength; it is by fording the river that you gain confidence; it is by enduring the days, one after another, that you come to know patience; and, it is by facing peril that you know your courage.  Every obstacle has a reward.  If it comes to you, it is yours to do.  But in the process, as you make your way through, the awards and rewards are great, for at the end of the day you will find you have strength, and confidence, and courage, one step at a time, moving into a place, where you begin to know all that you can do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not turn away from obstacles and challenges set before you.  If you turn your back on the challenge, you will never know what the result could have been.  This is your lifetime upon Earth.  Take the opportunity to know what you can do.  With faith, ask for guidance, and proceed, because the world needs to see that all things are possible when you and God are working together.  God does not send you sunshine when you need rain, and God does not send the rain when it is sun you require.  Obstacles and challenges come and go, but as you meet them you will know what you can do, what God can do through you.