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May 21, 2020



      Do not stand in your position so rigidly: that it hurts to bend-over to help another; that it tries your patience to listen to the position of another; that you are unable to open your heart to acknowledge the gifts of another. Watch the wind moving branches, and trees, leaves from the ground until they lift in the air and tumble down, grasses, and flowers, and flags, and kites.  See these things moving.  Be flexible as you are held in The Wind.  Move with The Wind so you might go where you have never been before.  Bend down to lift another up, sit back to hear another’s story, open your heart to receive the gifts of another, acknowledging their beauty and glory, for each one of you carries gifts, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Today, open and permit others to tell you their story.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you close your ears to what others are saying, you cannot know them.  And if you do not permit others to tell their story, you do not know them.  Stand, with confidence, in who you are, and listen, as others tell who they are.  Do not deny another the opportunity to tell their story.  Soon you will hear all the stories, and you will know all the others around you.  Rise-up, in confidence, celebrating The Glory of God all around you.