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May 21, 2021



      You feel protected and secure, because you have purchased insurance.  And this insurance covers house and vehicles and medical expenses.  But there is a price to pay for this insurance.  And it comes in the form of premiums, and you pay the premiums, for the insurance, and this brings you a feeling of protection, a feeling that the possessions, the property, that you own, that, which is yours, is protected against loss.  Now, apply this to your spiritual life.  I have assured you, that you have eternal life, that you shall live forever.  I sent Jesus to walk amongst you, to assure you of this, so that you might see, the truth of eternal life, so that you might hear, the words of Heaven, so you might know The Way from the way He lived, as He walked amongst you.  And, to continue this assurance, I sent The Holy Spirit to dwell within each of you, so that, if you needed direction, if you sought counsel, you would receive exactly what you were meant to receive.  You would receive direction, and guidance, and truth, and wisdom.  All this has been set in place to protect you from loss, to protect you from worry, and concern, and anxiety; because, your spiritual life, your eternal life, is the most valuable gift you own, you have.  It is yours.  The premium has already been paid.  All you have to do is to live your life, be content and happy.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have been given direction, on how to follow The Way.  Not only have you been given direction, you have been shown The Way.  Jesus walked amongst you, so you could see how it was done.  So, not only do you have direction, but you have the examples.  This is how you live it.  This is how you do it.  And to further assure you would know The Way, I was sent to dwell within you, to be with you, every day, to counsel, to guide, to direct you, to whisper The Words of Wisdom, to speak, so you might hear what God would tell you.  This is yours.  No cost.  You are covered for eternity.  Eternal life is yours.  Now, follow the guidance and direction, on how to live the most wonderful life, upon Earth, and this portion of your eternal life will be a blessing for you, while you are blessing others, by all you say and do.