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May 21, 2022



      When the paint is first applied, to the canvas, it appears to be chaos, colors, swirling everywhere, until the hands, of the creator, bring order, to the paint, to the colors, to the canvas.  And soon, the hands, of the creator, have created a masterpiece there, on the canvas.  The threads, for a tapestry, hang, in colorful rows, on the back side of the tapestry, waiting, until the hands, of the creator, pull the threads, through the canvas, in such a way, that the hands, of the creator, bring forth a masterpiece, pulling the threads, the colorful threads, through one at a time, until it is done.  The pieces, of a jigsaw puzzle, are scattered, randomly, on the table, until the hands, of the creator, put the pieces, one piece at a time, into place.  And soon, the creator has created a masterpiece, a picture, created from scattered pieces, and there it is.  You are waiting, I AM creating, applying colorful, delightful pieces, of the puzzle, that is you.  Each thread brought through, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate place, until there, I see your face, and you see Mine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are as the canvas.  The paint has been applied.  It swirls all around you, as do the colors.  And the hands, of your Creator, your Eternal Parent, continue to move: applying the color, where needed; pulling the threads through; making sure, that you are where you are supposed to be, at the time you are supposed to be there; continuing to weave, until the tapestry, that is you, takes on a life that is rich, and true, and filled with color.  And the hands, of your Creator, will continue, even when your life appears to be in chaos, and confusion, scattered all around like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  The hands of God will move: and each piece will be set in place; and the colors will be glorious; and the tapestry, of your life, will be there, just as it is meant to be.  Sit with God, and let it be.