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May 23, 2019

   It can be easy to walk in the sunshine, blue skies overhead, flowers
blooming, birds singing, children laughing in the park.  But, when
the day is dreary and dark it can be more challenging, until you
remember you carry The Light within, and The Light you carry within
can bring forth blue skies, and flowers in bloom, the songs of the
birds, and the laughter of children.  You carry My light, My child;
therefore, bring forth The Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   The minute you realize, with no hesitation, no doubt, that you
carry the light of God within you, your world turns upside down,
and inside-out, everything is brighter, you feel lighter, because you
know you have The Light within you.  Today, experience life upon
Earth this way.  Bring forth The Light.