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May 23, 2020



      I wish for you to know, within your being, at the core of your being, that everything that comes to you is an opportunity, not just the good times, and the laughter, and the celebration, and the gifts, but the challenges and the obstacles.  Everything that comes to you is meant to be a blessing to you.  Embrace all that comes to you, with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving: gratitude upon your heart for the celebratory times; and, gratitude upon your heart for the obstacles that come, for they are a sign that you are ready to climb the mountain, that you are ready to take the next step.  Let there be a song of thanksgiving, coming from you.  And if you find you can do this, to be grateful for all that comes to you, acknowledging the opportunities, as well as the glorious gifts of celebration, if you can do this, if you can hold gratitude and thanksgiving within you and sing of it, then you will recognize the gifts hidden within gratitude and thanksgiving.  The gifts are happiness and joy.  Once you are grateful, you will be happy.  Once you are singing of thanksgiving, you will be joyful.  It all goes together.  So today, be grateful, be thankful, and the rewards will be joy and happiness in great abundance.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to accept a package, a gift wrapped lovingly just for you, and say, “Thank you.”  It is easy to accept an invitation to a party that seems prepared especially for you, and have a wonderful evening, and say, “Thank you.”  It is easy to accept a new assignment, a career opportunity, an advancement, and be grateful.  Today, look at everything that comes your way.  The things that you can celebrate are easily seen.  But see the obstacles and challenges as what they are, a statement of that which you are prepared to do: a mountain you are ready to climb; a river you are ready to ford.  See the opportunity and embrace it, thankfully.