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May 23, 2021



      At the center, of every hurricane, there is a place of calm, called the eye of the storm.  In every desert, there is a place, which will quench the traveler’s thirst.  It is called an oasis.  In times of turmoil, and upheaval, no matter how long endured, there comes the light, of a new day, and the turmoil, and upheaval, pass away.  This is easy to understand, and say, when you are not in the time of the storm, or lost in the desert, or enduring beyond the norm.  But when you are in the midst, of such things, it seems as if all is lost, and there is fear.  You are afraid.  You feel alone.  At these times, remember, you are not alone.  Find the eye of the storm.  Find the oasis in the desert.  Find the peace when things are not normal.  You will find these things, within your being.  When you are tossed, and turned, and caught-up in fear, or possibly anger, or doubt, go within.  And there, you will find peace.  You will find, guidance, and direction.  And then, you will know The Way.  The answer is not in the turbulence of the storm.  It is within the sacred sanctuary, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Fear, and doubt, can turn you inside-out, upside-down, all different ways.  But the ways of, fear, and doubt, are not calm, or peaceful.  When you are caught-up in, fear, and doubt, be still, and go within, to get out, out of the fear, out of the doubt.  Go within and be, still, and quiet.  Slow your breathing, and whisper the prayer, as you will find The Holy Spirit, Me, I AM there, much ignored, many times.  But I will tell you The Ways of Heaven, and I will whisper, guidance, and direction, which will lead you out, of fear, and doubt.