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May 23, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I whisper, words of encouragement, so you might begin to believe, that I AM with you.  Your eyes might not see, but you can hear Me, as I walk with thee.  Let us go on a journey, through this day, together.  When the path is clear, the steps are easy, we move, with little concern.  But I can assure you, even when we encounter obstacles, at every turn, I will be with you.  And if you are quiet, and still, you will hear Me.  And I will guide you, and show you, The Way.     


      “When there are days, when everything seems to go right, it is so easy to sing, and dance with delight, to call friends, and share good news, to be happy with, who you are, and where you are, and what you are doing.  But your life, upon the Earth, is meant to be a mission.  You are on a mission, and a mission holds adventure.  Pieces and parts of adventure are very calm, and easy.  Other pieces and parts of adventure are challenges, and obstacles, and trials.  The parts that are easy are times of relaxation.  The challenges, the trials, facing obstacles, these are powerful Earth lessons.  And, once you make it through these challenges, and trials, and obstacles, then you gain the wisdom of the experience.  What I wish to share with you today is, do not carry the fear, and doubt, and worry, of your experience forward.  Sit, and understand, what has happened, during times of challenge, and trials, and obstacles.  Look and see, and learn to be still, when others would run, and hurry, and worry, not knowing what to do.  Just be still, and you will receive guidance.  And, before you continue forward, bless, whatever happened, releasing all negative feelings, and thoughts, and concerns, involved in that lesson.  Forgive what needs to be forgiven, about that lesson, be it yourself, or others.  Pick-up the lesson, and bring it, forward.  The obstacles, the trials, the challenges, will continue to appear, but then, disappear, when you use the wisdom of the lessons, you have learned in the past.  The wisdom of the past is the lesson.  Bring it forward.  Do not bring anger, or anxiety, or hatred, or any negative energy, associated with the situation.  Bring the lesson forward, and then you are wiser.  And each time you encounter these trials, and challenges, and obstacles, it will become habit, natural for you, to know exactly what to do, to walk through, and continue, on your journey.  This is the meaning of the obstacles, trials, and challenges.  They have a purpose.  They make you stronger, and wiser.  They bring to you a sense of confidence, and strength, and courage, rather than doubt and worry.

      “Face the challenges, the obstacles, the trials with enthusiasm, knowing, that if you are still, and you go within, you will receive the guidance, that is there, always has been, waiting to be given to you, by The Holy Spirit of God.  And with this Wisdom of Heaven, you will be prepared to face whatever is in front of you.  This is The Lesson of Life.  Use periods of trial, and strife, to bring you strength and courage, for a better life, as you journey, upon the Earth.

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