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May 24, 2019

   I know all about you.  I know your heart.  And, even when you
stumble or fall, I reach-out and touch you, and you stand tall.
I know your heart.  I fill your heart with light.  Often it is your
desire to pray for certain things, but I can assure you, My child,
I know what you need.  Speak with Me, talk with Me, ask Me,
but do not let these things worry thee, or concern thee, for
when we talk together it is as if you are a child, and I lift you to
My knee, and you put your arms around Me, and we sit.  I know
what you need.  It is yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

   The best friendships are the friendships that offer comfort when
it is required, dancing when it is desired, long hours walking along
a beach, or on a wooded trail.  Close friendships have an important
aspect, one detail.  A close friendship has no fear, or worry, or concern
that you will be turned away, or rejected, no matter what the word
you speak or share.  These are treasured friendships of Earth; but,
you have an eternal friendship, kinship with The Creator of All Things.
Do not let this friendship lay dormant.  Fill it with life, and you will
be filled with joy.