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May 24, 2020


      Live your life completely.  Live your life fully.  With all that you have within you, live.  And let My Holy Spirit guide you from within, taking you into experiences that will be yours only through faith.  There is so much to do, and so much to see.  Let the doing and the seeing be complete in believing.  Listen and follow The Spirit within you.  My Holy Spirit will guide you through your lifetime upon the Earth: without missing an opportunity; without missing an experience of faith.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM within you.  I AM not a voice from outside of you, coming from another saying, “Come with me today.  I will show you this or that.”  No, I AM within you, slowly guiding you, slowly taking you into places, as you are ready to go.  And as we move together, your experience upon the Earth will be a journey of faith.  But no step will be taken, if you are following Me: for which you are not prepared; for which you are not ready.  I will not push you.  I will encourage you.  I will not prod you.  I will invite you to see Earth, to live upon Earth The Way you were meant to see Earth and live upon Earth.