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May 24, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in the darkest of nights, and in the brightest of days, in the coldest of winter, or in the warmest of summer.  I AM with you through tears and laughter.  I AM with you.  I know your journey, for it was Mine, and I want to encourage you to make the most of your time upon Earth, because it is a sacred journey.                


      “Most of you are accustomed to reading books, listening to stories, watching movies, all the time delighting in the adventures of another, or others.  It seems a part of being on Earth that it is easy to assume that another knows how to do something better than you, that another can make a great adventure, that another can face peril.  You watch the movies, and read the books, and tell the stories, and they are exciting; and you often picture yourself as the champion of that story, or that book.  And I AM here to encourage you to do exactly that, only to go one step farther.  I AM here today to encourage you: to live the life you were intended to live; to write your story, with every thought you have, every word you say, and every deed you perform.  Write your story.  Leave your mark so that others will know what you did.

      “There are many books written, and Sacred Scriptures are, filled with individual(s) who took-up a cause, who was a champion, who performed noble deeds.  But if you go a bit deeper, you will see that these people, who performed noble deeds, often stumbled, just as you.  They were in human being form, yet at times they rose beyond that, they went beyond what most would consider the norm and reached the sublime. 

      “I encourage you to ignore the times you have fallen and refuse to use them as an excuse for not accomplishing great and holy things, while you are upon Earth, because many, who walked before you, whose stories you do know, to some degree: were filled with doubt, like Thomas, you had to show him everything; or, had a bit of fear, like Peter, who was so afraid that he denied Me, even when he was told ahead of time, the fear was strong.  But what was stronger, and what finally drove fear from Peter, and doubt from Thomas, was the truth of The Holy Spirit of God, filling them with wisdom, exploding wonder all around them, until in the face of all that had been accomplished, in their time, they could not deny, they could not doubt any longer.

      “You will face obstacles and challenges, and you will have periods in your life where what you have thought, said, or done leads you to a place where you do not feel worthy of rising.  But I tell you, you are.  If you need examples, look in The Bible, look in Holy Scriptures, and you will see the falls, and you will see the rising-up, and you will begin to know how the difference comes about when Spirit takes over, The Holy Spirit of God.

      “Write your story, and cast yourself in the role, the starring role of your story, and write it as you live it.  When the falls come, and they surely will, do not attempt to hide them.  Do not make excuses for them.  Hold them up, so all can see: look at this lesson; look at this lesson that life upon Earth brought to me.  And show what you do with the lesson that was brought to you.  Show the glory of rising from the fall to a place of wonder.

      “Those living upon Earth can appreciate the fall, the lesson, and the resurrection from it, the fall.  And it gives courage and encourages others, because they see, well I too fell.  And they see you rose-up, and they will know they too can rise-up.  Life is so wonderful: when you live it one step at a time, taking one step in faith; and making all things that come to you extraordinary, not trying to make excuses, or hide them, or deny them, but saying, ‘Look, this happened, but The Holy Spirit of God led me out of this to a new place, and I see.’  And, by illuminating all that happens, you grow in wisdom. 

      “Life is meant for growth.  You move-on, life is not stagnant.  It is not a statue, or a painting, where you are set upon a pedestal, and never touched, remaining the same, from the time of your conception to last for decades and decades and generations.  You are not a statue.  You are not a painting.  You are a child God, traveling over the Earth, for a while, to bring The Kingdom of God onto the Earth, more completely, more fully, through what you think, and say, and do.  Begin today to write your story, in such a profound way, that it impacts those around you.  Do not hide your fall, reveal your fall, and reveal how The Holy Spirit leads you from the fall to the light. 

      “All My disciples, all those who followed Me, and listened to Me, experienced darkness and shadow.  But when we talked, we used their experience, of darkness and shadow, to bring light, by making them lessons.  I used My time, coming face to face with the demons, and the devil, and the tempters.  These periods of darkness were changed to periods of enlightenment when the truth was told.  Let your days and nights of darkness and shadow be a light that will show you a way to live the lessons all through the day and night.  Use them as steppingstones. 

      “This week will present many opportunities.  Do not blame others when challenges seem to appear as if they will hinder your progress.  Do not place a blame of an obstacle on another.  Look at the obstacle, look at the challenge, and then pray for a way to walk through it into a new day, growing stronger and more confident all along The Way, for I AM with you all of the days.”